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Our Story

Who Are We?

As children of immigrants, we grew up always looking for ways to support immigrant owned small businesses in our community. As we grew older, we realized we always stuck to the businesses we've known for years, but we rarely branched out to newer businesses. The South Asian community have relied heavily on word-of-mouth, but there has never been a platform designated to discovering new businesses within our communities. Due to this, many new businesses have not received the visibility they otherwise would have. We set out to solve this problem by creating a community based platform that will allow new businesses to market themselves, and provide our users with endless options to meet their needs.

Why Reet?

In Punjabi, Reet means tradition or ritual. We hope our platform will help our communities celebrate traditions and rituals by helping connect businesses with end users and host successful events.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to make it easier for you to find businesses that can provide services you need.